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30 Day Yoga Challenge – Yoga with Adriene

Day 1: Ease into it
Use this practice to take stock, check in with the body and mind.

Day 2: Stretch and Soothe
Use this practice to stretch tight muscles and soothe the nervous system – even an achey heart.

Day 3: video
Use this practice to check in with balance and connect to your core center. Let go of expectations and stay receptive as you work to build strength and unlock more space.

Day 4: Yoga Has Your Back
Day 4 is a sequence of yummy back stretches and strengtheners.

Day 5: Feel Alive Flow!
Use this practice to check in with the breath. Let the breath be the soundtrack to this practice. Notice what it feels like to be ALIVE today.

Day 6: Six Pack Abs!!! Yogi Style.
This is a shorter practice to tone the abdominals in a mindful way that feels fun and supportive! Mindful core training will support your entire practice and whole body health.

Day 7: Total Body Yoga (30:02)
Day 7 opens up the side body and invites you to create space as you build total body strength.

Day 8: Yoga for Healing and Meditation (28:09)
Day 8 invites you change the tempo, cultivate balance and CONNECT. We open the hips in this sequence and use the subtle power of the breath to find release and let go.

Day 9: Full Potential Detox Practice (25:56)
This is a fierce practice that is great for the digestive organs and abdominals. Perfect if you are feeling bloated in the belly or looking to tone to strong lean muscles. Very beneficial for those who suffer from IBS, constipation or stomach discomfort. Cleanse it out safely with yoga.

Day 10: 10 Minute Sun Salutation Sequence (12:40)
Use the salutations to give thanks! Let it wash over you and rejuvenate your tired muscles, your heavy heart or your frazzled head.

Day 11: Shakti Yoga Practice (23:21)
Day 11 balances and strengthens your Shakti energy. Shakti is considered the essential energy to live a healthy and vibrant life. Connect to an open mind and heart with creative energy – whatever that means to you. Use this awesome practice to seek, find and connect to the power within.

Day 12: Yoga for Spinal Health (17:47)
Our Day 12 practice promotes a happy and healthy support system. Seek balance as you stabilize the core musculature of the spine. Find a sense of ease as you strengthen the buttocks & legs and find support from within – that lasts. For real.

Day 13: Endurance and Ease (25:50)
Day 13 invites you to stretch, twist and fly like an eagle aiming for full breaths and eventual exquisite ease. Check in with your Day 13 endurance by softening your jaw and the skin of your face.

Day 14: Mindful Hatha Yoga (16:46)
Day 14 invites you to stretch tired and stiff muscles while also connecting to spirit and breath. Open the shoulders and find relief from stress and tension with this yummy 16 min at home practice. Open the hips and connect to your core.

Day 15: Half Hour Half Moon Practice (29:36)
This 30 min yoga sequence is great for anxiety and stress relief.

Day 16: Easy Breezy Beautiful Yoga (14:17)
Use this Day 16 Yoga practice to awaken the spine, calm the nervous system and balance yesterday’s yang energy – with a little softness and ease.

Day 17: Happiness Boosting Yoga (34:48)
This practice can relieve tension, anxiety, the blues and is great energetic hygiene! Increase flexibility and build strength, mindfully.

Day 18: Wonder Yoga (21:06)
Wonder Yoga practice is a sequence to for balance, opening and wonder in the unknown!

Day 19: Breath and Body Yoga (21:25)
Use this Breath and Body practice to relieve tired muscles and calm the mind.

Day 20: Heart Practice
Day 21: Joyful Home Practice
Day 22: Full Body Awareness
Day 23: Freedom and Forgiveness
Day 24: Gentle Yummy Yoga
Day 25: Dancing Warrior
Day 26: Earth Practice
Day 27: Flexible, Fearless & Fun!
Day 28: Playful Yoga
Day 29: Sweet Surrender
Day 30: Find What Feels Good!

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