Ultimate Africa: To Walk with Lions – a photographic safari in Botswana and Zimbabwe, Southern Africa (July/August 2008)

This year we decided to go on an organised group safari aimed at photographers; we chose the ‘Ultimate Africa’ photo safari with Chris Weston (it was the opportunity to ‘walk with lions’ that totally reeled us in!)

Now, where to start?! Honestly, this trip was incredible! We saw the majestic Victoria Falls on foot and by helicopter, had several opportunities to photograph from a small private boat in the slow-moving water of the Chobe River, roamed the Hwange National Park in search of it’s wildlife, went horse-riding amongst antelope, zebra and wildebeest, and then there was the unbelievable experience of walking with lions, unforgettable!

Many thanks go to Chris Weston and his fantastic team of people that made the trip happen. I’m also so grateful for the opportunities to visit and support conservation organisations right there on the ground and to see first hand the amazing work they are doing; it is something both Heiko and I are very passionate about. Also thank you to all the other photographers on the trip – what a great group of people. I will certainly not forget all the laughter we had, and I’m sure you won’t either (if you want the truth, I’m giggling away at the memories as I type this!)

I know several of you have been waiting… patiently ;) and I’m sorry it has taken so long to publish my journal, but it’s all typed up now, thanks to Heiko. And, so that you don’t loose patience with me I’m publishing it without the photos… please forgive me, I just haven’t had a chance to look at them yet, never mind choose a few!


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