Day 15: Back Home

Incredible India (November 2005)
an Asian adventure in search of the magnificent Bengal Tiger…

Day 15: Back Home (Tuesday 15 November 2005)


It was late in the afternoon when we got up. Both Eddy and Freddy have spent most of the day in our bedroom, either on the cat tree or curled up on the bed with us. They’re definitely happy we’re back home!

We downloaded our photos onto the PC but have not had chance to look at them properly. I made the dinner and not long after we’d eaten we went out for the IMAGES Club Night. The entrance to the BWC (British Women’s Club) had been turned into a film set (they are filming The Black Book – a war film) so we had to go in by a side entrance.

We were really tired by the end of the evening but before we went to bed we had a look at the tiger photos. We couldn’t go to bed without seeing them first!


Wednesday 16 November 2005


Heiko went to work today. I got up really early (which is really unusual for me I’m normally a night owl and like to sleep in!) since I was wide awake – obviously my body clock is still on Indian time! Both Eddy and Freddy were under my feet the whole day, following me from room to room as I unpacked and settling down whenever I did! I sorted our photos to separate directory folders (separating mine from Heiko’s) but I haven’t looked at them since really we wanted to look together. Instead, I began to type up this journal….


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