Vicks, the baby polar bear at Blijdorp Zoo

I was lucky today… after my 300% Club meeting at WBII, I squeezed in a mini-visit to Blijdorp Zoo to see Vicks, a three month old polar bear cub whose first steps outside were on Thursday last week.

My husband and I attempted a visit yesterday morning, but everyone else seemed to have the same idea, and after seeing the car park full and the queues at the ticket counter, we turned around and returned home. Today, I arrived just in time to watch little Vicks snuggling with mama Olinka, before they both snoozed away the day with Vicks hidden from view. I think it was my shortest Blijdorp Zoo visit ever!

Isn’t Vicks cute?! We still don’t know if the cub is a boy or a girl, what do you think?

See you soon little one.. :)

pssssssssst! visit our zoo and wildlife conservation project at ;-)


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