Ultimate Africa: To Walk with Lions – a photographic safari in Botswana and Zimbabwe // Day 2: Lokuthula Lodge

Monday 28 July 2008


After a day and a half of travel we’ve arrived in Zimbabwe and right now are listening to the sound of African drums coming from the Boma (‘place of eating’)…

We’re staying at the Lokuthula Lodge where we’ve seen warthogs come right up close and we’re not too far from the Victoria Falls, and in fact, that’s where we went this afternoon – to photograph the falls in the late afternoon light just before the sun set. The views were fantastic and the light just perfect. We saw a double rainbow and walked along the walkway for over 1km getting soaked from the mist. Tomorrow we go back there – to photograph the falls at sunrise. Once back from the falls we had a quick rest, then back out into the bush for a braai (BBQ) and some beers.

So, the drums have stopped, must be time to sleep – and we need to – we have to be up at 5:30 tomorrow!



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