Ultimate Africa: To Walk with Lions – a photographic safari in Botswana and Zimbabwe // Day 1: Outlook Lodge

Sunday 27 July 2008


Lack of trams to the train station so early on Sunday mornings meant we took a taxi to the airport. We should definitely do that for ALL of these big trips – it’s much more relaxing then rushing for trams and trains with our incredibly heavy backpacks! Yes, my camera backpack weighed 18kg whereas my hold luggage was a laughable 12kg! Thankfully, my camera backpack was never weighed, but just incase, I had a photographer’s vest with me and was ready to stuff lenses and cameras in all of the many pockets to make my hand luggage lighter!

We had a day flight (Amsterdam to Johannesburg) and passed the time watching films. When we arrived at Jo-burg Airport we were met by our driver, Steven, and taken to the nearby Outlook Lodge for a short overnight stop. Outlook Lodge is a lovely cosy place with bags of atmosphere, highly recommended. We will certainly return there if we need a place to stay in Jo-burg – and the next time we go, Leanne, the host, has offered us the honeymoon suite with champagne and chocolates – must remember that, it sounds lovely.



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Conservation in the Spotlight: Big Life Foundation

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