Too cute!

Oh, I have to share this… this afternoon I got home to find Freddy, one of our two cats, curled up in the cat tree faaaaast asleep with his head almost hanging off the edge of the cushion… he was looking so cute that I quickly went upstairs to grab my camera. When I came back down he’d moved, but only slightly and now he was watching me intently with those big gold eyes…

ps. I am in love with Heiko’s 24-70L lens ..anyone fancy buying one for me?! ;)

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  1. Vinita

    awwwwww….freddy is tooo cute…those eyes!and yes you are right that lens is awesome!so sharp!xx

  2. amy

    This is beautiful – and just have to tell you that we have a gray cat who looks JUST LIKE yours. :) Are you on Facebook? If so, please feel free to add me, would love to keep up with you there – and can show you my look-alike cat – her photo is up on my FB site! (I’m Amy Fletcher Sandoval on FB.)

  3. Natalie

    Thanks for your comments!

    — Amy, yes I’m on facebook, I’ll look you up… :)


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