ohhhh.. I am in love with the tiger cubs at Blijdorp!

Today, it was all about the Sumatran tiger cubs at Blijdorp Zoo in Rotterdam. I hadn’t been for a while and I’d heard from friends that had visited that they hadn’t seen the cubs. But we were hopeful, and our luck was in! As you can see… *super happy tigs* ;-)

They have grown so much since we last saw them at 2 weeks old! And they are much more active now too. It was wonderful to see them exploring their enclosure and one of them came right up to the glass where we were stood, peering out at the crowd that had gathered. They’re adorable.

Born on 21 May, they’re 6 weeks old now. Heiko and I are so happy Blijdorp has tiger cubs after all the years of trying to pair Alia (mum) with Hermes (dad). It’s 8 years since there were tiger cubs at Blijdorp, it was high time!

The beautiful Alia… first time mum and doing brilliantly :-)

These next two are especially for Nikki, if she’s reading this… :-)

We stopped for a snack at Cafe ‘Panda Poffertjes’ (you can guess what we had to eat, right? no, the poffertjes were not made from pandas – tsk tsk!) Next to the cafe is the Red Panda enclosure, and as we got up to leave, Heiko spotted one of the Red Panda’s watching us. They are just so cute! And this one played peek-a-boo with us, looking down at us from either side of his comfy branch.

We also visited Crocodile River to see Klippie, the Klipspringer (“rock jumper”). Klippie is a fairly new resident of Blijdorp Zoo and came from Artis Zoo. There are only 5 Klipspringers in captivity in Europe, hopefully one day we’ll see Klippie with a mate :-) For now, he shares his enclosure with hyraxes, tortoises, and various bird species. I love how they stand on their “tip-toes” ;-) It’s amazing to see them in the wild, running and jumping high up on the rocks!

I hope you enjoyed this small selection of images, thanks for stopping by :-) For more photos from Blijdorp Zoo, head over to our zoocrew.eu gallery for Blijdorp and enjoy!

Best wishes,
~ Natalie

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  1. Breigh

    oh my word those photos are fantastic! Do you get some sort of extra special pass to a place where the rest of us can’t get to? haha

    We must go to the zoo together sometime so I can get some tips and learn all the best spots! I am working on my zoo photos at the moment but with the exception of a pelican biting my ass, I don’t have anything this awesome :P

  2. Amanda

    As usual, beautiful photos!! Makes me want to cuddle up with those tiger cubs – sooo cute.

  3. Lisa

    Oh wow, I want one! They are so cute.

  4. The Antiques Diva

    These photos are amazing!!!!!
    And I so love that the dad is named Hermes!

  5. amy

    Always love your animal shots! These are wonderful. WE have a red panda like that at our zoo, too!

  6. Natalie

    Thank you so much for all your lovely comments! :-)

    @Breigh – no special access this time, just an early morning visit (less people) and patience :-) we were actually quite surprised how quiet it was at the zoo.. I guess everyone went to the beach that day ;-) now I’m curious to hear about your pelican story..

  7. lizet

    cute! en mooie foto’s zeg!!


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