sugar frosted trees and a white knuckle ride in the snow and ice

We braved the snow this morning to cycle to the gym…. thankfully it wasn’t snowing at the time else I might have wimped and opted to stay home, like yesterday ;) It was, dare I say…an interesting cycle ride!

As you can probably imagine, there weren’t many bikes in the bike rack when we arrived, and we walked through about 5 inches of fresh snow to lock up our bikes. As soon as we were inside, it started snowing again, beautiful big snowflakes drifting down to the ground, so very pretty!

Some iPhone pics taken through the window at the gym:

Snow makes everything look so pretty :-)

It snowed on and off, the whole time we were there, and was still snowing when we left. There was about an inch of fresh snow on the ground which was kinda fun to cycle in. What’s not quite so fun is cycling on the snow-covered frozen bike trails. My shoulders stiffened and I gripped the handlebars tighter as I slid about on the cycle path.

“Now it gets interesting, hey?” I heard Heiko say behind me, just moments before he discovered the snow-covered edge of the bike path, but he didn’t come off his bike, luckily. Neither did I :) Yes, it was interesting cycling home too!


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