Raising Bilingual Children

English and German books for children

Yesterday evening, my husband and I attended Eowyn Crisfield’s seminar on ‘Raising Bilingual Children: Six Steps to Success’ which was organised by Passionate Parenting. This is a topic we’ve been curious about for a long time and it couldn’t have been more timely for us.

We’ve already been using One Parent One Language (OPOL) since Rebekka was born, but there is so much more to it than that. It was a really enlightening seminar and has certainly put us on the right path to successfully raising Rebekka with more than one language.

Eowyn regularly gives seminars in various locations around The Netherlands, I definitely recommend attending one if you are choosing to raise your children bilingually.

Thank you so much Eowyn and Passionate Parenting for the extremely useful seminar!

pssst. can you tell which books are Rebekka’s favourites? ;-)

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