Kenya: this is what happened today, we went to see lions…

It’s one thing to select photos after a 2-week safari, it’s quite another to review all the video footage. We’ve been home over a month and so far we’ve watched videos up to Day 7…and the following video, which is our video diary (a recap of our day), is unmissable!

Every time we watch this we crack up laughing at ourselves. I wonder if our giddyness comes from too much sun that day, it was pretty hot! ;-)

Anyhow, if you know us, you’re going to enjoy this… turn the volume up! Hope we make you smile :-)

If you watched the video, I’m sure you’d like to see some photos from the same day, right? Here you go…

This is white-eye (above). You might know her from the BBC Big Cat Diaries, she’s blind in one eye.

The new male of the Musiara Marsh Pride.

Cheeky baboons, running and playing amongst the trees.

The elephant calf with it’s family, close to where the Marsh pride of lions lay sleeping…

…and yawning!

And below, the handsome male lion from the Marsh pride :-)

Hope you enjoyed this post, do let me know if it made you smile ;-)

Best wishes,

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  1. Vinita

    Lovely! Fun to see you guys on video! Love the elephant!

    • Natalie

      hehe! thanks vini :-)

  2. Lisa

    It’s so nice to see and listen to you both! Looking forward to more vlogging.

  3. Jennifer

    so much fun to watch you on the video :-D – I love those images the first one would be a wonderful canvas !

    • Natalie

      Thanks Jennifer! That’s exactly what I was thinking when I took it! we still have yet to choose images for our walls, from all of our safari adventures. There are just so many photos we love, it makes it so difficult to decide! Glad to hear we entertained you with our video diary! haha ;-)

  4. Rachal Brown

    It made me smile! Love the pictures! :)

  5. Julius

    Thanks guys! was great seeing the joy and happiness you had during your stay in Masai Mara.


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