he makes me smile

I love him! Isn’t he the sweetest..sat on his throne (otherwise known as ‘his’ cushion) – when I saw him rest his front paw on his back paw, and with my phone within arm’s reach, I couldn’t resist to take a pic!

One of my favourite boys! But with hubby and I giggling away at him, he didn’t stay there for long…

Freddy, you’re gorgeous, and I know you know it! :-)

In other news, another whirlwind week has passed by.. fearing the flu i’ve been dosing up on vit.C drinks all week (Kruidvat’s Vit.C and Vit.C/Echinacea/Zinc fizzy tablets that dissolve in water – thanks so much to Susan for the tip last year, these things are fab!) I have no time to be ill. Seriously! All these Christmas orders to complete and only 2 weeks till Christmas (yikes!)

Highlights from the week include the Christmas Networking Bazaar hosted by Connecting Women – with a fabulous customised version of 12 days of Christmas, penned by Jo Parfitt, and sung by Nancy Mayer and her singing students.

Had my last Dutch lesson this week as well :( already looking forward to next year’s course! I am determined to one day master this crazy language! ;)

It was a race against the clock to finish work and head into town yesterday (Friday) to kick start the weekend with the first CRAVE The Hague Buzz Party, hosted by Beleef!Beauty. What a fabulous event, and so great to share a room with so many inspiring women business owners; lots of familiar faces, but many new, including several I know only from Twitter! 

And from one party to another. It was a ‘girls night in’ last night and I had a blast with girl friends I hadn’t seen in a while! Thanks ladies!

And then today, ugh, that cold I’ve been trying my hardest to avoid finally hit. How incredibly annoying. With some extra sleep, zero work hours (how I managed that I don’t know!) and plenty of vit.C and paracetamol, I’ve seen the day through and even managed to complete some errands in town this afternoon. Ok, maybe I did work a bit, but it was less than an hour..promise! Tomorrow, I’m staying away from the computer and spending time with hubby :) determined to kick this cold too!

Right, another vit.C drink before bed… then some much needed zzz’s!

Bfn x


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