good hair days

It’s definitely a day to stay home, wrapped up all toasty and warm. But this morning, I put on my snowboots, a warm coat, a woolly hat, earmuffs and gloves and headed out the door. With the crazy wind blowing snow all around me, I quickly uncovered the car and hopped in. Wondering how long it would take to reach my destination, I was quite thankful that I wasn’t travelling too far. The roads were covered in snow, and they still are. But I was looking forward to my appointment. I was only going for a haircut, but it was waaaaaay overdue and with all the static from the combination of cold weather and central heating I was so ready for a “good hair day”. There weren’t many cars on the road, and I’m not surprised. The snow was pretty deep, especially on roads where I made some fresh new tyre tracks :)

Deciding I quite like having long hair, I only had a little taken off, and then had it styled “wild” – every time, without fail, I can’t help but grin when my hairdresser creates what looks to me like a lion’s mane, before taming it somewhat.. :)

So I left without my woolly hat and earmuffs, I was for sure going to make the most of my good hair day!

But when I arrived home I was hungry, and so hubby and I decided to walk to a nearby cafe for lunch. And for that… yes.. I had to wear my woolly hat and earmuffs. Oh well, it was worth it because we had lunch at Eetgelegenheid Eigen. I love it there, I always have the same. #53. Always on a brown pistolet. Best sandwich ever!

And.. turns out that even after the wearing of my woolly hat, I still have wild hair ;) thanks to Professional Sebastian Craft Clay – fab product!
Bfn x


  1. Tammy

    Beautiful photo :) I envy your ability to have wild hair, I have… hang hair. That’s all it does, it hangs! haha

  2. Natalie

    Thanks Tammy! hang hair lol.. your hair is lovely! for so long I wanted polka straight hair…. but now I’m so glad to have it wild, especially now I’ve found a fab hairdresser! I used to always tie it back, and now I rarely do! :)

  3. Tammy

    I think the grass must always be greener on the other side. I’ve always wanted naturally curly hair, not super curly but just that beautiful flowing curl, instead I’ve always had hair that’s as straight as a pin!

  4. Natalie

    Oh I’ve had curly hair lust too. But I’d hate to have to deal with the frizz that curly hair sometimes gets… I think once you find the perfect way to work with what you’ve got, the grass can be green everywhere – the hard part is discovering the ‘perfect way’ ;)

  5. Vinita

    Yay to good hair days ;-)

  6. Natalie

    :-) Thanks Vinita!

  7. Tine

    hello gorgeous!


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