April 2010

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21st Century Tiger is a wild tiger conservation partnership between the Zoological Society of London and Global Tiger Patrol which raises funds for carefully chosen tiger conservation projects. As administration costs are funded separately (in the past three years by the Dreamworld Conservation Fund), 21st Century Tiger is able to give 100% of all donations received directly to these projects.

A brief history of the organisation

Amur Tiger Phoenix21st Century Tiger was established in 1997 with support from the UK Government.

Realising the potential fundraising abilities of the European zoo community, the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA) Tiger Campaign 2003 – 2004 raised over three-quarters of a million euros which was channeled through 21st Century Tiger. Over 130 zoos in 24 countries took part in the campaign, from Finland to France and from Ireland to Russia.

The Association of Zoos and Aquaria (Australasia) (formerly ARAZPA) launched a parallel tiger campaign during 2003 and raised more than AU$100,000 through 21st Century Tiger.

Since then 21st Century Tiger has successfully continued to channel funds for tiger conservation to projects in tiger range countries.

Tiger by H Loeffler

21st Century Tiger 2010 Appeal

In 2010 to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Tiger, 21st Century Tiger launched its latest fundraising appeal. Tiger numbers are in decline in many areas and fear of an increase in demand for illegal tiger products during this auspicious year, require focused attention to protect tigers in their natural habitat.

Current support comes from members of the public, businesses, and notably from zoos, particularly in Europe and Australasia. Public support for 21st Century Tiger complements the work of the zoo communities, through successive fundraising appeals and work with photographers, authors and conservationists.

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Projects supported by 21st Century Tiger

Anti Poaching Team SumatraSince its inception, 21st Century Tiger has funded over 67 projects, distributed over 1.4 million pounds and supported projects in seven countries – India, Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand and Russia. The projects cover a wide spectrum including habitat restoration; training for wildlife rangers in wildlife law, jungle survival and identification of endangered species; support for anti-poaching units; intelligence gathering and advice in cases of human-tiger conflict. Scientific research includes studies of tiger ranges and tiger prey densities and the implications of human development. 21st Century Tiger also funds education and awareness raising programs within tiger range countries; vital for ensuring sustainable local support for wildlife conservation.

21st Century Tiger works with a range of organisations from the internationally known Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) to small, locally focused groups such as Phoenix Fund in Russia. All projects submitted for funding are rigorously examined by a panel of international experts. The projects must have sound practical scientific and conservation value and use local staff wherever possible. Regular reports of the work carried out, findings and outputs are essential for both accounting purposes and knowledge sharing. All reports are available on the 21st Century Tiger website.

Support for the zoo community

21st Century Tiger not only works for tigers, it also works with zoos by providing them with a secure funding channel, a large photo gallery for use in conservation, education and interpretation, up-to-date information, cutting edge conservation reports and supporters certificates.

To find out more about the 21st Century Tiger and to support the 2010 Tiger Appeal, please visit our website (http://www.21stCenturyTiger.org)

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