Christmas 2008

I hope you all had a great Christmas! :)

Heiko and I spent Christmas Eve in Gouda with our friends, Vinita and JK. They treated us to a delicious Indian meal and afterwards we headed out into the cold to photograph the city hall for ‘Gouda bij Kunstlicht’ (I haven’t edited those photos yet, but I will blog them here once I’ve finished editing my client’s photos, so watch out for them!)

Having had a very late night the evening before Heiko and I had a nice lie-in on Christmas Day morning and were very lazy getting up! Our cats were pretty lazy too!

Here’s Eddy with Heiko… Eddy loves to lie on our bed and is constantly seeking cuddles!

And Freddy was curled up on the landing… his big gold eyes followed me curiously as I lay down on the floor and pointed my camera at him!

Oh look, reflections… so this is the only photo I have of me on Christmas Day, behind the camera as usual! ;)

Freddy is a nuisance when it comes to wrapping presents, he’s forever trying to play with the wrapping! And he was one of the first to find our gifts underneath the tree!

Heiko shouted “Freddy” … and Freddy responded with his “what? I wasn’t doing anything! look”… he’s so sweet, how can you not resist those big gold eyes!?

So it’s a little bit Christmasy around here…

I really like both these ornaments… I bought them on a trip to Dresden, Germany, unfortunately they are quite fragile and Freddy caused santa to fall last Christmas and his head has since been superglued back together… this year it was the snowman’s turn to loose his head, ooops – it was my fault this time though! He’ll be all superglued back together again soon though!

Couldn’t resist using our African placemats for our Christmas Dinner, even though they aren’t very Christmassy! ;) This was Heiko’s placemat, mine was a group of zebra.

Just before dinner was ready, Heiko phoned his brothers on Skype… no smile for me, Heiko pulled a silly face instead!

Dinner was delicious!!!! And we were soooo full we could hardly move… still had some room left to finish off the champers tho ;)

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  1. Vinita

    Merry christmas to you guys too!!Looks like you had a fab time!luuurrv the 1st one lots of emotion and the reflection of yourself!!!awww and eddy and freddy are too cute!well done!happy holidays!xx

  2. Natalie

    Thanks Vinita :) Happy Holidays to you too!

  3. Christa Jordan

    what lovely pics with a lovely story – sounds like you had a great xmas. See you soon I hope. x

  4. Natalie

    Thanks Christa, hope you had a great Christmas :)

  5. James (justphotosspain)

    Am I too late to wish you both a Happy New Year??

    I know that we are now in the third week of the year and that but I haven’t really been e-mailing much lately (what with the computer at home taking at least 20 minutes to start up!!)

    At the moment I haven’t got my Website up at the moment I kind of let the domain expire (the emails notifying me it was running out got placed in unwanted mail and by the time I noticed it was too late!!)

    Anyway hope you had a good one and my favorite photos are the one of Heiko with Freddy, and the priceless moment you captured on Freddys face when he looked up lol

    well all the best x ;)

  6. Kirsten

    Hey Nat! Love the pics, my fav is the reflection one of you!


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