Tuesday 31 October 2006   It was so windy last night that we almost thought the tent would blow away! We had the front open with only the mesh to protect us but had to close it up properly because the wind was too noisy to sleep. At 5.30 the maasai came with hot water […]



Conservation in the Spotlight: Big Life Foundation

Conservation in the Spotlight: Big Life Foundation

October 2010 Elephant Drinking, Amboseli, 2007. Killed by Poachers, 2009. Elephant with Half-Ear, Amboseli, July 2010. Killed by Poachers August 2010. Elephants Walking Through Grass, Amboseli 2008. Leading Matriarch Killed By Poachers, 2009. The captions beneath the...

Conservation in the Spotlight: Painted Dog Conservation (PDC)

September 2010 **This article originally appeared on zoocrew.eu as part of our Conservation Awareness project. ** Rehabilitation Facility and Metapopulations Policy Statement 2010 At its inception the policy of the PDC Rehabilitation Facility was twofold: 1/ It would...