Apenheul’s squirrel monkeys like diamonds!

It’s a monkey post… do you like monkeys?

We visited Apenheul Primate Park in Apeldoorn yesterday, where monkeys roam freely among the visitors…

Monkeys are very good pickpockets so visitors are given a monkey proof bag on the way in :-)

My favourite primates are the orangutans, I could spend hours watching them play together, climbing and swinging in the trees and on the ropes…

…and hiding under blankets! ;-)

We saw the wanderoos too. Also known as lion-tailed macaques because of the lion-like tuft of fur at the end of their tails.

Looking at this one, I would say they have a lion-like mane too hehe! ;-) They live in the damp forests of southwest India.

Next, a barbary macaque… mostly living in north Africa; but in Europe you’ll find them on the cliffs in Gibraltar. They’re the only primates in Europe that live freely.

This one was staring up into the blank sky for a while, I’m very curious to know what he was thinking.

The gorillas were well hidden in their forest area so I wasn’t able to photograph them, I did spot a miniature gorilla statue though ;-)

These next three images are of white-faced saki’s; however, only the males have white faces (though sometimes more of a golden-orange colour than white); females are grey-brown. They’re fairly small …and I think they’re cute! ;-)

Female above, and male below.

And mom with a two month old baby (born 9-June).

The baby was so cute; each time mom stopped for a moment it would strain it’s neck to look in all directions.

“After this bridge: free ranging monkeys. Have you closed your monkey proof bag?” ;-)

It’s fascinating to watch monkeys groom each other; they have such a look of concentration on their faces. I caught this white-throated capuchin glancing up at the crowd mid-grooming session.

I think the monkeys in the next three images are spider monkeys – I didn’t see a sign but I’m pretty sure :)

We finished our tour of Apenheul with a visit to the squirrel monkeys. Here, the monkey proof bags definitely come in handy! These monkeys get verrrrry close.

So, do you want to know how I know squirrel monkeys like diamonds?

I had crouched down and was resting my hand on the wall to steady myself. A lady next to me was photographing one of the squirrel monkeys with it’s baby (the one in the photo above) and the monkey kept making a grab for her camera and pulling on the lens cap which was attached to the camera on a cord. I don’t know how successful she was at taking a picture but for sure her children were enjoying the cheekiness of the monkeys!

Another monkey came up close to where my hand was. I didn’t move, I just watched. The cheeky little thing came closer and while holding onto one of my fingers with one hand, it made a grab for my ring with the other! So you see, squirrel monkeys like sparkly diamonds. Nope, it wasn’t having mine!

Hope you enjoyed the monkey post! :-)

Best wishes,

ps. if you like wildlife photography, Apenheul are hosting the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition until the end of September :-)

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  1. eef

    Ohh wat a cuteness!! love that last picture with the little one at the bottom & play with dept of field

  2. Heather

    Great photos! Apenheul is somewhere I really want to go to but just haven’t made it there yet. This post reminds me to go! :)

  3. Vinita

    Great images tigs…!! I see a resemblance with you know who in some of the pics! Not so much the looks but the antics!

  4. Philly Girl Abroad

    We were there on Saturday. Wish I had your eye for photography. What a wonderful park!

  5. Tineke

    ahhh eee! *smiling* SUPER!

  6. Invader_Stu

    Last time I was there I was also trying to get a photo of a squirrel monkey. This one little cute one came all the way up to my camera, put his hands on it and looked around it at me and then bit my finger. Not hard. It didn’t hurt or beak the skin. He ran off as soon as he had done it. I guess he was trying to protect his image from the press.


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