an Easter baby at Blijdorp Zoo

Happy Easter to you all!

After hearing news of a new arrival yesterday, we spent today at Blijdorp Zoo, Rotterdam. Our first stop, as always, was to the café-restaurant for coffee and cake – cannot tell you how much we love the chocolate muffins with their gooey chocolate in the middle.. mmmm! Great start to the day!

We made a beeline for the new baby… and on the way we stopped to watch 3 large Spotted hyena feeding on some bones, and some female Greater Kudu in an adjacent enclosure.

So, do you know who’s enclosure we were heading for?


Yes, the giraffe enclosure!

Marian gave birth to her third calf early yesterday morning! Look at those cute little tufts of hair where the horns will grow!

Of course, we visited the lion enclosure to see seven month old cub, Naui :-) She was born 09/09/09

She’s beautiful!

We also went to see the wallaby’s after hearing they also had babies, but we only saw two adults. Maybe next time… ;-)

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  1. Vinita

    cutie all these babies!!

  2. Lisa

    Shame you missed the baby Wallabys, they have to be very cute.

  3. Mike

    Got to love the shots & that giraffe looks sooooo cute and cuddly.

  4. Tin

    oh that baby giraf is sooo ssweet! wonderful captures!

  5. Tin

    oh well they all are…

  6. Breigh

    awww I haven’t seen the new giraffe enclosure since it’s been finished. I hope to GAWD they do the lion’s enclosure next, it’s pitiful!

    Great photos :) Love the little wrinkly giraffe baby!

  7. Natalie

    Thanks everyone!

    @Breigh unfortunately the lion’s enclosure is a listed building so there is very little they can do to improve it… the hyena’s in the adjacent enclosure had the same issue but they’ve recently been moved to a much bigger area… the zoo is expanding, building work has been continuous for quite a while now :) I think the serval cats are the next to move to a better enclosure..

  8. Amanda

    These photos are great – and the giraffe is so cute!! We were there a day before she was born :-( The lion cub pics are awesome!!!

  9. amy

    I adore these – especially the baby animals. I am a sucker for animals of all kinds and your photos are beautiful.I need to get to your blog more often.


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