Tuesday 01 November 2005

After having snoozed for only 20mins last night (yes – due to our usual last minute packing!) we dragged ourselves out of bed at 06:45 to begin our journey to India.

At Schiphol airport there was a huge queue for check-in, it was chaos! When we got through security we bought a small bottle of Bacardi (apparently Heiko has been informed drinking this straight from the bottle last thing at night seals/lines the stomach preventing ‘Delhi Belly’!) We actually didn’t open the bottle at all!. Then we headed straight for the gate and were soon on the plane.

The flight wasn’t too bad actually – we left on time and arrived pretty much on time and were luckily able to exchange our initial tickets so we could sit next to each other. We had a mini TV each and there were plenty of films, TV shows and other such entertainment to help the flight pass quicker. Although due to extreme tiredness there was much snoozing too! I watched The Interpreter which I thought was good, then later Heiko and I watched Miss Congeniality II simultaneously, however, I snoozed practically all the way through the film! We later watched an Animal Planet documentary set in Kenya – Mad Mike and Mark – two photographers getting top photos of the Big Five – and WOW did they get close! We’ll definitely look up their programs when we get home!

So we arrived at Delhi Airport and were met by someone from Indian Moments our travel agency. On the drive to the hotel, we couldn’t quite believe we were actually in India! So we’re now in our hotel room and definitely ready for some serious sleep!

We have to get up at 05:00 though (in 3.5 hours!) so we can catch our train to Ranthambhore National Park for our FIRST jungle safari!