a love letter to my baby girl

Rebekka, 13 months Rebekka, 13 months Rebekka, 13 months Rebekka, 13 months Rebekka, 13 months Rebekka, 13 months Rebekka, 13 months

To my baby girl,

You are growing up so fast, but we knew that you would.

You learned to walk on your own this week, and you were so proud. That joyful look on your face when you realised you could do it was priceless. Papa was working in Belgium that day and couldn’t wait to come home to see your first steps. You’d been practicing all afternoon and when he finally came through the door, already standing, you walked right over to greet him! It was truly a heart-warming moment.

You’ve started talking too! We’re having a hard time deciphering your conversations but we are absolutely enchanted by it. After a dinner out at our favourite beach restaurant, it seemed as if you wanted to tell us all about your day (and maybe about the spare ribs you’d just enjoyed!) I’m so glad I had my phone handy to capture it. This is a video Papa and I have watched over and over with beaming smiles on our faces.

You are such a delight; you bring so much love, laughter, and joy into our lives.

I love you. Always.
Mama xx


ps. for those watching the video, please excuse Rebekka’s ‘bottom burps’ ;-) this was too cute and too funny not to share!

Rebekka from Natalie Carstens | Photographer on Vimeo.

** this post appeared first on Natalie Carstens | The Birth Photographer **


  1. Vinita

    Delightful! Bottom burps and all!! She tooo sweet!!

  2. Viv

    I may not be a parent but I totally get why you’re so proud of Rebekka… and so you should be – she’s an absolute darlin’

    • Natalie

      :-) thanks so much for stopping by, Viv, and for your sweet note!

  3. Monica

    She is so cute and lovely that the bottom burps just given more color to the video!

  4. Kirsty

    Oh she is just darling – love that you’re writing her letters and capturing her in this way – and the video is SO sweet :D

  5. Bettina Wietgrefe

    Awh… so sweet and cute.. When I watch this I could immediately start cuddle her and never stop again :-)
    Enjoy, Natalie and Heiko. .. this time is so special!
    Lots of love


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