25 Random Things

25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about me (originally posted on Facebook)

  1. I’ve fallen in love with Africa. The summer I finished uni I travelled to South Africa to train as a safari field guide for 6 weeks. That experience changed my life, and ever since, I’ve wanted to see more and more of Africa and learn more and more about it’s wildlife. I’ve since been to Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Botswana, and even returned to Tanzania for my wedding! Yes, I met someone else that loves Africa and wildlife as much as I do! :)
  2. I’ve seen a large pack of African Wild Dogs (Painted Dogs) in the wild, and I can still hardly believe it! (They’re an endangered species, and nomadic… they are very very rare to see!)
  3. I’ve photographed tigers in the wild from the back of an elephant in India. A moment I’ll never forget is being 2 metres away from a 10-month old cub which was staring not just into my eyes but right through to my soul, an amazing moment I’ll never ever forget.
  4. Ever since I read Philip Pullman’s Northern Lights as a child I’ve wanted to see the polar bears on Svalbard. I’d love to see the Northern Lights too.
  5. I worry about others. I can’t help it. If someone is sad, or ill, or going through a tough time, I want to help. When I can’t do anything I think quietly about that person and wish for their happiness.
  6. I love to laugh. A lot of people I know love it when I laugh. It’s contagious. It’s quite funny! Sometimes I giggle at the simplest of things, but when I laugh, oh you know when I’m over the edge… I just can’t stop! I almost forget to breathe! And everyone there with me ends up laughing too, even when they don’t know what i’m laughing at!
  7. I’m a thinker, my brain never stops!
  8. My favourite flowers are tulips, ever since I was bought some as a get-well gift. Now my office is empty without a bunch of tulips. I’m almost obsessed, I’ve been buying them every week for a while now. I have a yellow tulips this week.
  9. I must get my singing voice from my “tone deaf” father… when I took my grade 8 exam for the saxophone, I passed everything with distinction, except for the singing part. I failed that miserably and so I ended up passing with merit. I think my Dad found that quite amusing!
  10. As a child I always had my nose in a book, and loved visiting the library with my Dad on Saturdays. I still love getting lost in a good book… I have succumbed to The Twilight Saga at the moment… I bought the second book yesterday…
  11. I grew up wanting to be a vet but when I discovered I was allergic to animal fur I decided I wanted to be a lawyer or solicitor. I’m so glad that didn’t turn out.
  12. Sometimes I wish I could fly.
  13. I love designing stuff….. so long as I can be creative I’m happy!
  14. I love my bare essentials / bare minerals makeup… but I’ve discovered that since everything is powder it’s not so easy to travel with, especially after it’s been bumped around in a suitcase *sigh*
  15. I love black and white photos…. I love colour as well, but black and white sometimes has that something extra!
  16. My favourite place for spare ribs is Cocomo Beach Club…. *hubby* and I are waiting eagerly for the beach huts to return later THIS MONTH!!!! :-) I don’t eat spare ribs anywhere else anymore.
  17. Right now I’m giggling at writing hubby… ;)
  18. I try to adopt/donate to wildlife charities, it’s my way of contributing to wildlife conservation…. so far I’ve adopted a tiger cub, a baby orangutan, and a pack of Ethiopian wolves. I’m thinking about adopting an elephant next :)
  19. My favourite food is homemade lasagne… my version! I love it! I should cook it more often! For desert, I love tiramisu… but I haven’t learned how to make that – yet!
  20. My Dad is my hero.
  21. I haven’t got used to my new surname yet, but I will ;)
  22. Galaxy (aka Dove) is my favourite chocolate… smooth and creamy… mmmmmm pure indulgence! love it!
  23. Living in the Netherlands I sometimes miss fish, chips and mushy peas (with vinegar!!!)… and bacon butties on warbies bread…..
  24. Whenever I visit the UK, I always go searching for Monster Munch, either pickled onion flavour or flamin hot flavour – both are yummy! I’m getting hungry now thinking about all this food…
  25. I wish there was a cure for cancer.


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